Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Jacare Souza Looks to Compete in Both MW and LHW Divisions

Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza is not ruling out making another go at the light heavyweight division despite making his return to middleweight in April.

After Jacare Souza lost to Jan Blachowicz at light heavyweight to close out 2019 with an 0-2 record, Souza decided to take some time and do some soul searching regarding what and where his MMA future would be. When it was announced that he would be returning to the middleweight to face Uriah Hall at UFC 249, that seemed to settle it: Souza would be returning to the division he’s called home for his retire 17-year career for good. But things aren’t quite so open-and-shut according to head coach Josuel Distak (Via MMA Fighting):

“‘Jacare’ will continue fighting in both divisions,” Distak said. “He will do special fights at 205, and go after the belt at 185. We still dream about fighting for the Ultimate Fighting belt. ‘Jacare’ still has that dream, and it’s hard to stop someone that has a dream. That’s our goal, to fight in both divisions. Wherever the exciting fights are, that’s where we’re going.”

Even though Souza lost to Blachowicz in November, it was a razor-close split decision that did Souza in, and the fact that it came against a tough, game opponent who came into their bout with a lot of momentum is encouraging enough for Souza to leave the 205 door ajar.

“He fought well against a guy that was knocking everyone out,” Distak said of Souza’s about against Blachowicz. “(Blachowicz) did not want to fight ‘Jacare’. It was a split decision, and I thought we won that fight. It was a close, technical fight, but ‘Jacare’ was more aggressive. There’s no doubt in my mind that Ronaldo won that fight.”

Jacare Souza might decide to give light heavyweight another glance sooner rather than later should he be unsuccessful against Uriah Hall in a bout scheduled for April 14 at UFC 249.

What division do you believe Jacare Souza should make his priority and why?