Sunday, December 4, 2022

Joe Rogan Says Stephen A. Smith Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Talk About Fighting

Joe Rogan believes Stephen A. Smith is lost when it comes to the fight game.

There’s no denying that Smith is ESPN’s most popular personality. He reaches out to a wider audience over his fellow ESPN journalists and his insight often times leaves sports fans at odds. When it comes to mixed martial arts, however, the general consensus is that Smith doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

His comments on Donald Cerrone’s UFC 246 performance drew the ire of many in the MMA community (h/t MMAJunkie).

“I’m quite disgusted,” Smith said. “Let me be very, very clear: I’m honored to be up here with you guys. I’m a spectator watching the sport. I expected to see more than 40 seconds. I predicted McGregor was going to win this fight inside of two rounds. I thought he would take him out.

“Here’s the deal: 15 seconds in, ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone was done. He got hit with those shoulders in the clinch, and he was done. It look like he gave up. It was just an atrocious performance on his part.”

Joe Rogan Blasts Stephen A. Smith Over Comments

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan took to his JRE MMA Show to poke fun at Smith’s pad work (via

“Someone needs to explain to me what’s happening here. It looks like he’s punching a baby,” Rogan said to Thomson as the pair watched the footage of Smith’s pad work. “This guy should not be allowed to talk about fighting.”

Rogan went on to say that Smith’s comments on Cerrone’s UFC 246 performance weren’t well thought out.

“You called a guy a quitter [who], first of all, had a broken orbital bone,” Rogan stated “You’re saying he was a quitter? He got his face smashed. He got cracked by one of the biggest punches in the sport. He has the most wins in the [UFC], he has the most wins by finish, he has the most bonuses. I mean, come on. He has the most fights. You’re calling that guy a quitter? He got cracked! That’s what happens.”