Monday, May 16, 2022

Kenny Florian Thinks Justin Gaethje Matchup Is ‘Tailor-Made’ For Conor McGregor

Former UFC title contender Kenny Florian believes Justin Gaethje‘s style suits Conor McGregor.

Gaethje has made it clear that he wants a piece of McGregor. “The Highlight” has criticized the UFC for elevating the “Notorious” one back to lightweight title contention after defeating Donald Cerrone at welterweight. UFC president Dana White has revealed his plan to have a discussion with Gaethje.

‘KenFlo’ Doesn’t Like Gaethje’s Chances Against McGregor

During an edition of the Anik & Florian podcast, Florian expressed his belief that McGregor would be a bad matchup for Gaethje.

“I do not see Gaethje getting by Conor. I actually think he has a style that favors Conor. He comes forward, Conor’s a tremendous counter puncher. If Dustin Poirier could knock out Justin Gaethje then there’s no doubt in my mind that Conor could do the same thing, perhaps quicker. Still a dangerous fight just because of Gaethje’s power and his willingness to get in there. So that alone, of course, is always gonna be a danger for anybody just based on Gaethje style, but because he does come forward like that I think that’s a fight that’s kinda tailor-made for Conor.”

Do you agree with Kenny Florian’s take on a potential Conor McGregor vs. Justin Gaethje showdown?

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