Saturday, December 10, 2022

Michael Bisping Rips Maycee Barber Over Comments On UFC 246 Doctor

Michael Bisping caught wind of Maycee Barber’s post-UFC 246 statement and he is fired up.

Barber shared the Octagon with Roxanne Modafferi on Jan. 18. Early in the second round, Barber’s knee gave way and she was hindered by it throughout the fight. Modafferi went on to score a unanimous decision victory.

Going into the final round, the Octagon-side doctor checked on Barber’s knee. Speaking to MMAFighting, Barber expressed her belief that it ended up being a giveaway for Modafferi.

”I was doing everything I could to disguise the fact that I had been compromised,” she wrote. “I feel like the fact that the doctor completely gave away that I was dealing with something. It also made the injury more prominent to me when I was trying to push it out of my head for the fight. Had it been me fighting, if I would have seen the doctor stepping in and checking someone’s knee, that would instantly be the thing that I target.”

Michael Bisping Blasts Maycee Barber

Bisping took to his Believe You Me podcast to make it clear that he is not a fan of how Barber is handling the first loss of her pro MMA career (via The Body Lock).

“The doctor’s just doing his f*cking job,” Bisping said on his podcast. “If you get an elbow in the face and it’s pouring blood everywhere, and the doctor goes ‘stop, stop, stop, I’m going to take a look at it’ — you can’t go ‘oh, he’s highlighting my cut face!’ It’s tough sh*t. But you got injured in the fight and it’s his job to say ‘hold on a minute, I need to check that leg.’ Because let’s say it’s really f*cking torn and it’s bad, you can call off the fight and say she’s not fit to fight and she’s going to do herself more damage.

“He was looking out for her! I get it, she’s a young fighter, it’s her first loss, she’s not used to dealing with it — but it’s not a good look.”