Saturday, December 10, 2022

Miesha Tate Heaps Praise On Cris Cyborg Following Bellator Title Win

Miesha Tate is in awe of Cris Cyborg‘s ability to adapt even at this stage of her career.

Cris Cyborg made her UFC exit and went after Bellator gold. She ended up being successful in her quest, stopping Julia Budd to capture the women’s featherweight title. Tate believes the win showcased that Cyborg is still evolving.

Tate Gives Cyborg Her Due

Speaking to Ryan McKinnell on SiriusXM, Tate explained what makes this version of Cyborg stand out (h/t

“She’s damn near one of a kind and I liked her approach,” Tate said of Cyborg. “You know what I learned from this fight with Cyborg and Julia Budd? Julia Budd, physically, I think is on par with Cyborg, and not very many women at the 145-pound level I would say compete with Cyborg, strength for strength. Julia Budd is one of those women. She’s just as big, if not bigger, if you can imagine, than Cyborg.”

Tate went on to say that she is impressed by Cyborg’s patience since her knockout loss to Amanda Nunes.

“Strength was not a discrepancy in this,” Tate said. “Cyborg was just the better woman that night. What I liked is that, in the first round Cyborg did not go out like a mad-woman like she’s done countless times before and I think was her mistake against Amanda [Nunes] and I said that. If she doesn’t respect that, she’s going to get hurt. Amanda has a right hand that can put anyone away, man or woman. I’m telling you right now, you get cracked with that thing, chances are you’re going down. Cyborg went out with reckless abandonment and she got put away. But what’d she learn after that? This is what is a telltale sign of a veteran of someone who is still evolving, even though she’s been in the game for such a long time.”