Sunday, November 27, 2022

Robert Whittaker Responds To Rumors On UFC 248 Removal

Robert Whittaker has responded to the rumored reason why he has been removed from the UFC 248 card.

Fight fans grew concerned when it was revealed that Whittaker had been removed from the UFC 248 card. This wasn’t due to an injury and ESPN’s Ariel Helwani later reported that the wildfires in Australia also weren’t the cause of Whittaker’s removal but it was personal. When UFC president Dana White got emotional during an interview with Submission Radio, speculation ran wild (h/t

“Let me put it to you this way,” White said when asked why Whittaker withdrew from UFC 248. “That’s personal for Whittaker. If Whittaker wants to talk about that, he can, but I’ll tell you this, when you talk about somebody whose priorities are in the right place, who is completely selfless and down to the core a good human being, that’s Robert Whittaker.”

Whittaker Responds To Rumors Regarding UFC 248 Removal

Rumors surfaced on social media claiming that Whittaker was donating a bone marrow to his “sick” daughter. Some outlets even went as far as to post this rumor as fact. Whittaker addressed the rumors in an Instagram post.

“Thanks everyone for all the support & well wishes, lots of false rumors out there so please ignore them. I have been off socials working with some personal matters and spending time with my family, i will back very soon, stronger & better than ever before. #alliswell #reapernation.”