Monday, November 28, 2022

Stephen A. Smith Fires Back At Joe Rogan: ‘I’m Telling You You’re Wrong’

Stephen A. Smith is well aware of UFC color commentator Joe Rogan’s criticism of his take on the UFC 246 main event.

On Jan. 18, Conor McGregor made his highly-anticipated return to the Octagon against Donald Cerrone. McGregor earned the TKO victory in just 40 seconds. During a post-fight breakdown with Rogan on ESPN’s SportsCenter, Smith expressed his belief that Cerrone had an “atrocious” performance and folded under the pressure.

During an edition of the JRE MMA Show, Rogan blasted Smith for his comments and footage of his less than stellar pad work (via

“Someone needs to explain to me what’s happening here. It looks like he’s punching a baby,” Rogan said to Thomson as the pair watched the footage of Smith’s pad work. “This guy should not be allowed to talk about fighting.”

Stephen A. Smith Hits Back At Joe Rogan

In a video posted on his Twitter account, Smith delivered a response to Rogan (h/t

“You have your right, just like I have my right to respond, as I’m doing right now,” Smith said in the message directed at Rogan. “But any time you want to talk to me about this fight, or you want to talk to me about my credentials to discuss something in the world of sports, name the time and place, Joe Rogan, and I’ll show up. It’s not a problem. It’s not a problem at all.

“You don’t know me, so I’m not going to knock you for speaking out the way you spoke out without calling me. I don’t care about all that. I respect where you’re coming from. You’re just wrong on this particular one, and I’m telling you you’re wrong.”