Saturday, December 10, 2022

Tyson Fury Views First Bout Against Wilder as a Loss

Tyson Fury is counting the draw between him and Deontay Wilder in December of 2018 as a loss. With the two heavyweights scheduled to face one another again on February 22, a recent press conference at FOX Studios in Los Angeles had the two face-off where they addressed their last bout, and what fans should expect when the joint pay-per-view from ESPN+ and Fox Sports comes next month.

When it comes to Fury and Wilder, many have described the matchup as a “boxer versus power puncher” match up and Fury admitted his plan in their first meeting was to, “outbox him” but the lineal heavyweight champion says that will not be the case this time around. “It didn’t work,” Fury, said of the old strategy, “No matter what people say, I didn’t win. I count a draw as a loss.”

I didn’t win. I count a draw as a loss.

-Tyson Fury on draw against Deontay Wilder

“We’re giant heavyweights,” Fury said of him and Wilder. He added, “I’ve had 20 knockouts, so I’m very capable of knocking people out,” he also admits to underestimating Wilder a bit and does not see that happening again. “When you underestimate someone else’s power, you usually end up unstuck,” said Fury. “Whether I’m a great puncher or not, I don’t believe anybody else can match me with heart and determination. I’m going to put my iron will on Deontay Wilder.”

Wilder vs Fury 2 Press Conference Highlights

However, Wilder does not buy Fury’s claims of power. “We haven’t seen his power displayed like he’s been talking about,” said Wilder and added, “It hasn’t been continuous, like mine. I think he has pillows as fists. That’s what I felt in our last fight.” If anything, the claims Fury is making has Wilder curious to test the power he said he is bringing on February 22.

While the first match was officially a draw, Wilder’s knockdown of Fury was enough to make for controversy over the outcome. With both men promising a finish, maybe the judges will be left out of this one.

How do you think they will show up on February 22?