Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Chael Sonnen Says Deontay Wilder-Tyson Fury Stoppage Was ‘Bizarre’

Chael Sonnen thinks it was bizarre that Deontay Wilder’s second cornerman threw the towel in against Tyson Fury.

This past Saturday, Wilder and Fury had their highly-anticipated rematch. There, it was the “Gypsy King” who got the job done as he TKO’d Wilder in the seventh round.

But, the fight ended due to the corner throwing the towel not the ref stopping the fight.

“Stopping a fight is not something that I am a prude about,” Sonnen said on his YouTube channel (via “I believe a fight should be stopped as soon as your athlete can no longer win. I am not ready to tell you that that is true for Deontay Wilder because he’s got a right hand that has a mind of its own. It will come in at the craziest of angles at the craziest of times. It’s not a textbook right hand. It does its own thing but it is a great equalizer. So I’m not ready to tell you that he was done. That is something for him and his corner and the referee to decide per the rules.”

Throwing in the towel is rare in combat sports. So, for Chael Sonnen, he says the fact Wilder’s main trainer didn’t do it made it more bizarre.

“It is a little bit bizarre, and I do not question this cornerman. I’m just sharing with you, it is a little bit bizarre that a number two would make that call,” Sonnen continued when discussing Deontay Wilder’s defeat. “There is a hierarchy there and that is the number one’s job and the number two should’ve relayed this to the number one. That is generally how this should go. Now if the number one refuses to do it, the number two does have some authority as you saw and does also have a responsibility. I am not against what the number two did, I’m just sharing with you that would be very uncommon.”

Although Wilder lost the fight, he said he plans on triggering the rematch clause to have the trilogy against Fury later this year.

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