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Colby Covington Puts 50 Cent & Rosie O’Donnell On Blast

Colby Covington is aware of 50 Cent and Rosie O’Donnell basking in his defeat.

Covington challenged UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman back in Dec. 2019. The welterweight title bout headlined UFC 245 inside the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Covington fell short in his fifth-round TKO loss, fracturing his jaw in the process.

Covington Blasts 50 Cent & Rosie O’Donnell

Rapper and businessman 50 Cent as well as television personality Rosie O’Donnell expressed their joy in watching Covington lose. That’s because they felt “Chaos'” MAGA shtick went too far.

Speaking to‘s Damon Martin, Covington addressed those remarks.

“It’s impossible not to hear because I’ve got a lot of fans who will come up to me ‘oh did you hear about that?’ or even friends ‘did you hear 50 Cent talking sh*t about you, did you hear about Rosie O’Donnell talking sh*t about you?’ and yeah I see that stuff,” Covington told MMA Fighting. “I have to laugh.”

Covington went on to say that 50 Cent is broke but should face him in a celebrity boxing match for charity anyway.

“50 Cent? The guy was hit eight times and that’s his claim to fame ‘oh I was hit eight times and that couldn’t put me down’. If he gets hit one time by me, he’ll never get back up,” Covington said. “There’s one guy who got his jaw wired shut and it wasn’t me. It was 50 Cent. He’s a little b*tch. I want to fight 50 Cent next. I think we should do a celebrity charity boxing match. I’ll put up $1 million of my dollars and it’s going to go straight to the troops. He’s a broke b*tch so he probably doesn’t have a million dollars but he can go as one of his f*cking sponsors to put it up and we can do this.”

The former interim UFC welterweight champion also called O’Donnell a “fat pig.” Covington said the TV personality is “losing 10-8 rounds to obesity.”

There’s no word on what’s next for Covington inside the Octagon. “Chaos” has expressed his belief that Jorge Masvidal will price himself out of a title fight against Usman. UFC president Dana White revealed that he plans to book Usman vs. Masvidal for International Fight Week in July.

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