Tuesday, December 6, 2022

ESPN Anchor Calls Out Henry Cejudo For ‘Racist’ Post Against Aljamain Sterling

ESPN anchor, Karyn Bryant called out Henry Cejudo for his “racist” callout of Aljamain Sterling.

Cejudo is no stranger to calling people out on Twitter and on Monday night he called out Petr Yan and Sterling. But, the nickname he gave Sterling received immediate backlash.

“Triple C doesn’t even pay attention to Aljamima Sterling Silver @funkmastermma. secondly, Triple C wants to fight you Petr, but your English needs to get Betr, you ugly communist potato. And, last but not least, my tune-up fight, the cabbage patch head Jose Waldo,” he tweeted.

Karyn Bryant saw the tweet and thought it was racially charged and responded to Cejudo.

“Champ I respect your talent. And I have thick skin. BUT, if you were wondering if calling @funkmastermma ‘Aljamima’ was racist the answer is yes. Yes it is. Please stop,” she wrote.

After posting the tweet, Bryant received heavy backlash from fans saying Cejudo’s post was not racially charged. She decided to explain why she took offense to it.

“I am rarely offended, TBH. And maybe he didn’t mean it, but that doesn’t mean it’s a great idea for him to keep using it. I pointed it out in the hopes that he’d stop. I like Henry, I don’t have a problem with him, just thought he could learn something here…,” she responded.

Currently, Henry Cejudo has yet to respond to Karyn Bryant’s post and whether he will is to be seen.