Monday, November 28, 2022

Jan Blachowicz Predicting Second Round Right Uppercut KO Over Corey Anderson

Jan Blachowicz has called his shot.

In the main event of UFC Rio Rancho, Blachowicz will take on Corey Anderson in a rematch of their 2015 fight. It is expected the winner of this will be the next contender for Jon Jones so the stakes are high for this one.

Entering the fight, Jan Blachowicz is full of confidence and knows he can stuff the takedowns. He also believes he will knock out Anderson in the second round, but is prepared for five rounds.

“I’m ready for anything he might try against me. We fought five years ago, it’s a completely different fight now. After two minutes, I was completely exhausted,” Blachowicz said to Combate. “I know what went wrong in my body. It was over-training, I don’t know how I survived three rounds. I feel well now, nothing has happened. I’ve been in Rio Rancho for the past two weeks, so there’s no jet lag. This time I will knock him out.”

Not only is Jan Blachowicz predicting a knockout, but he is predicting he will do it in the second round and will do it with a right uppercut.

“I think I’ll win in the second round, but I’m ready for all five rounds. I think I’ll knock him out with a right uppercut, or something worse. I have something in store for him. Corey is a boxer, but he is no good on the ground. He can grapple, but I’m prepared. I think he’ll try to take me down after three or four minutes. I’m ready for anything, punches, kicks. Maybe I’ll take him down.”

If Blachowicz ends up being right he would be on a three-fight winning streak with wins over Anderson, Jacare Souza, and a knockout win over Luke Rockhold.