Saturday, December 10, 2022

Jon Jones Blames Dominick Reyes’ Cardio For UFC 247 Outcome

Jon Jones knows he beat Dominick Reyes at UFC 247 and the main reason he did so was because of the challenger’s cardio.

The two fought at UFC 247 where it was a very close fight and one many were split on who had won. “Bones” had turned it on in the later rounds, where he says the main reason he won was because of his cardio and defensive movements.

Jones took to Twitter to explain why he rightfully won the fight.

“Dominic out struck me literally 12 shots. I scored the takedowns, was the aggressor, control the octagon every round, had more significant strikes landed… Dom completely stopped fighting in the championship rounds and has the audacity to be mad at the judges,” Jones wrote.

“Don’t be mad at the judges, be mad at Dom’s conditioning guy. man started to give up when the water got deep and is now going around doing interviews talking about being robbed. When will these young boys start taking responsibility. that’s what’s wrong with boys these days,” he said.

Jon Jones would later go on and say this will be the only time he will be defending himself and is happy all his haters are pissed off.

Whether or not Jones and Reyes will run things back next is unknown at this time but Reyes has called for it.