Joshua Fabia Takes Credit For Changing Diego Sanchez’s Style

Diego Sanchez’s cornerman, Joshua Fabia, is wondering why no one is giving him any credit.

Sanchez has made headlines as of late, seemingly for all the wrong reasons. “The Nightmare” has been criticized for choosing Fabia as his lone cornerman. Highly respected figures in the MMA community such as UFC color commentator Joe Rogan and former UFC “champ-champ” Daniel Cormier have criticized Fabia’s corner advice.

Joshua Fabia Wonders Why He Isn’t Getting Credit

Fabia and Sanchez have made it clear that they believe to be victims of a “smear campaign.” When speaking to, Fabia said no one is giving him his due for the change in Sanchez’s style.

“You’re an expert, and you didn’t point out that it’s kind of (expletive) amazing that Diego Sanchez, 16 years in the UFC, been pretty much the Rocky Marciano of the sport – he’s moving,” Fabia told MMA Junkie on Wednesday. “He can change stance. He went from a southpaw to this. How are you not putting the emphasis on a 38-year-old man, in less than a year, changed his style – and one guy did it? Not a team of six guys. How come no one is saying anything positive like that? You see it, but you’re not giving credit to the professional that has done something remarkable.”

Fabia went on to say that CTE is a problem that isn’t being looked at enough in MMA. He brought up a point about how fighters have no one to turn to for the head trauma they’ve taken over the course of their careers. Fabia takes credit for what he believes to be Sanchez’s newfound defensive abilities.

Sanchez turned to Fabia after splitting from Jackson-Wink MMA. The criticisms began when Sanchez dropped a unanimous decision against Michael Chiesa. The concern over Sanchez’s camp situation only grew louder with his DQ victory over Michel Pereira. Most agree that Fabia’s dealings with media members haven’t helped.

Chasing fighters with sharp blades also isn’t likely to stop the criticisms.

What do you make of Joshua Fabia? Is he right or is he trying to soak up the spotlight as much as he can?

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