Sunday, November 27, 2022

Kamaru Usman Says It’s ‘Unfair’ People Accused Ali Abdelaziz Of Hacking His Twitter

Back at UFC 246, Kamaru Usman saw his Twitter hacked and several vulgar messages were sent to Conor McGregor. His bank account was also leaked.

During the ordeal, many fans and even Conor McGregor said it was Ali Abdelaziz who hacked Usman’s account. But, speaking on the JRE MMA Show the welterweight champ dismissed the theory that his manager had hacked his account and doesn’t think it is fair people accused Abdelaziz.

“It was unfair to my manager for people to actually say that,” Kamaru Usman said (via “Of course, everyone’s saying that and then Conor said something about it too, which was kinda very low. I understand that the comments that were tweeted out were very, very disrespectful. First of all that’s not me, I don’t even talk like that. I would never say anything like that. I mean as much as I wanna beat him up, if Conor wants to fight we can fight. But I would never — there’s lines that you don’t cross.”

Usman also believes Abdelaziz wouldn’t cross the line that the hacker did. He says no matter how much the manager hates the Irishman he wouldn’t bring family into it.

“I would never say anything about someone’s family, someone’s wife, someone’s children,” Usman said. “I would never say that and Ali is a guy that’s so into his family. [He] would never say that. I don’t care how much he hates Conor or how much he doesn’t like him.”