Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Now Training At Jackson-Wink, Juan Adams Expects KO Win At UFC 247 (Interview)

Juan Adams knows it is do-or-die for his UFC career and is taking major steps in order to keep his job.

After Adams earned a contract on the Contender Series he went on to knock out Chris De La Rocha and appeared on the way to being a prospect to look out for. Yet, he has since suffered back-to-back losses to Arjan Bhullar by decision and a first-round TKO loss to Greg Hardy.

Following the losses, Adams decided to change gyms and leave his hometown of Houston, Texas to go and train at Jackson-Wink.

“Honestly man, in Houston I wasn’t getting training partners. It was at a point where I would physically exhaust myself almost every day,” Juan Adams said to MMA News. “I was having to beg on Facebook to have people come train with me. There weren’t a lot of full-time [mixed martial artists], heavyweights or upper weights up there. It was very hard to get training partners, so that was the biggest deciding factor.”

After having his entire training camp at Jackson-Wink, Adams knows he is a better fighter and is excited to show it.

“I think I will be a lot better, honestly. Things like my stance have changed out here, there is so few distractions. Training in my hometown, people always want something from me, they always want my time,” he explained. “I feel obligated all the time to meet people and do things like that. Where out here, I don’t have any of that so it is a different level of focus.”

With a training camp where he finally got to work with UFC heavyweight and light heavyweights, Adams is eager to step back into the Octagon.

The 28-year-old will also be on the main card of UFC 247 against Justin Tafa where he knows if he loses his UFC run could be over.

“I think it is a pivotal point in my career and that is another reason why I made this move,” he said. “If I were to lose this fight and I hadn’t come out here and gone all in, in expending every option to get a win, to put myself in the best position to win, I wouldn’t have felt right going into the fight.”

Against Tafa, who is just 3-1 as a pro and coming off a knockout loss to Yorgan de Castro in his UFC debut, Adams knows this fight will most likely be a striking battle. But, he doesn’t rule out the chance he uses his Division-I wrestling.

He also knows with both coming off a loss and likely their jobs on the line it will be a great fight.

“I know he has power in both hands and is a striker,” Adams said. “I know he brings the fight every fight. I’m looking forward to that. He’s game and wants to come in and he’s in there trying to prove something like I’m in there trying to prove something. I think it is going to be a great fight.”

In the end, Juan Adams is confident he will get his hand raised and will do so by stoppage.

“I’m either going to knock him out or get a TKO. Once he feels my power, he is going to try and do something stupid. I’m going to capitalize on that. My wrestling, my positioning, all that is superior to his,” Adams concluded. “So, when he feels my power and tries to close the distance and get into a clinch he is going to end up on the ground and on the ground, my ground and pound is game-changing.”