Friday, October 7, 2022

Bellator’s Leandro Higo Wants ‘Easy Money’ Fight With James Gallagher In Ireland (Interview)

Leandro Higo and James Gallagher are already booked for separate bouts but they may be on a collision course.

This Friday night (March 13), Higo will do battle with Dominic Mazzota at Bellator 241. His teammate, Patricio Freire, will put his featherweight gold on the line in the main event against Pedro Carvalho.

Higo Wants Gallagher, Details Beef Between Pitbull Brothers & SBG Ireland

During the Bellator Spring & Summer 2020 Showcase, members of team Pitbull Brothers and SBG Ireland traded barbs. Speaking to MMA News, Higo (translation courtesy of Eric Albarracin) detailed the origins of this rivalry and why he wants to fight Gallagher in enemy territory.

“So it all started a couple of years ago when James Gallagher came in and he was calling out guys out of his division. He was calling out Patricky Pitbull and I’m in his division, so I said before you fight Patricky you gotta get through me. And I called him out for two years and he’s never responded. But when Patricky would retweet him calling him out, he would respond to Patricky. He’s been doing that for two years. Now he wants to go to Ireland, make some easy money and fight an easy fight and fight James Gallagher.”

Higo went on to say that Gallagher himself knows he hasn’t been fighting the best competition. Higo pointed to Gallagher’s comments on his upcoming opponent Cal Ellenor as proof.

“He said it himself. He called his opponent a bum. I’m not a bum, I’m a real fighter.”

Gallagher will meet Ellenor at Bellator London on May 16. The bout is set to headline that event inside the SSE Arena, Wembley.

The Pitbull Brothers vs. SBG Ireland feud isn’t just in full force this Friday. On Oct. 3, Patricky Freire will meet Peter Queally at Bellator Dublin. When asked for a prediction for both Patricio vs. Carvalho and Patricky vs. Queally, Leandro Higo made it short and sweet.

“Two knockouts. They have nothing for us.”

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