Chuck Liddell Entertains Idea Of WWE Run, Says He’s Done Fighting Again

Chuck Liddell has once again retired from MMA competition but he won’t rule out a WWE run.

The popular opinion amongst those in the MMA community is that Liddell shouldn’t fight again. The 50-year-old returned to action after an eight-year absence. He had hoped to make it 3-0 against Tito Ortiz in their Nov. 2018 clash. Instead, Liddell was knocked out in the opening frame.

Chuck Liddell Wants To Give It A Go In WWE

Liddell told TMZ Sports that while he’s decided to retire from MMA, he’s willing to step inside the squared circle (via

“Of course, yeah, I’d still do WWE, I’d still do pro wrestling. That’d be a lot of fun. I’d like that,” Liddell said.

Liddell admits he’s enamored with what the WWE roster is able to do.

“I’m impressed by the stuff those guys do. They do some crazy stuff,” Liddell said.

The transition from the Octagon to the wrestling ring and vice versa isn’t something new. Cain Velasquez is a former two-time UFC heavyweight champion who is now signed with WWE. CM Punk, a former WWE champion, tried his hand inside the Octagon as well. We’ve seen it countless times in Japan as well. Let’s not forget that “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” Ken Shamrock was a part of the WWE’s Attitude Era.

Whether or not Liddell has what it takes to endure that lifestyle remains to be seen. Even on a part-time schedule, going on the road throughout the year to take bumps can be taxing on the body. There’s also no guarantee that the WWE or any other promotion such as AEW or NJPW would be interested in Liddell.

Current UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has also expressed his interest in joining the WWE roster. Raw Women’s title holder Becky Lynch took exception to Jones’ comments and pointed out that the WWE lifestyle isn’t easy.

At this point in his life, do you think a pro wrestling run for Chuck Liddell is even feasible?

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