Colby Covington Explains How Beef With Joanna Jedrzejczyk Started

Colby Covington is giving his side of the story in his beef with Joanna Jedrzejczyk.

Covington and Jedrzejczyk are teammates at American Top Team but the two are far from chummy. Jedrzejczyk has made it clear that she doesn’t appreciate Covington’s remarks to fellow teammates Jorge Masvidal and Dustin Poirier. While Covington has made amends with Poirier, he’s still at odds with Masvidal.

Covington Details Origins Of Beef With Jedrzejczyk

Covington appeared on‘s Eurobash podcast and claimed that Jedrzejczyk is the one who started their war of words.

“There was never a problem,” Covington told MMA Fighting’s Eurobash podcast. “I never said anything about Joanna, I never looked at her wrong or anything. One day she came into the gym and started screaming, ‘Ahhhh Colby this and that…ahhh, I hate you,’ and I’m like, ‘What the f*ck? What’s your issue?’ I know last week she tried to flirt with me, and I wasn’t giving her the time of day because, let’s be honest, I have standards, and she just doesn’t fit those standards – she’s not a seven-and-a-half and up, and I only message seven-and-a-halves or up. So, she got her feelings a little hurt. The raw American steel and twisted sex appeal of Colby Covington didn’t want to take her on a date, didn’t want to flirt with her and didn’t have any interest, because I’m too busy getting dimes and supermodels to waste my time on some ugly boobie-woman from Poland or whatever.”

Jedrzejczyk admitted she was rooting for Kamaru Usman against Covington when the two fought back in Dec. 2019. Covington fired back, poking fun at Jedrzejczyk’s hematoma suffered in her split decision loss to Weili Zhang.

ATT owner Dan Lambert implemented a gag order in an effort to prevent teammates from ripping one another on social media and in interviews. While it’s still early, it definitely hasn’t been showing signs of working.

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