Colby Covington Says Jorge Masvidal Has An ‘Ass-Whooping Waiting’

It’s clear that Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal have not buried the hatchet.

Covington and Masvidal were once friends. “Chaos” and “Gamebred” are teammates at American Top Team but things have soured between the two. Masvidal claims things went south when he threatened Covington over not paying a beloved coach. Covington denies that claims and says Masvidal just uses people for his own benefit.

Covington Says Masvidal Is In For An ‘Ass-Whooping’

Speaking to Submission Radio, Covington made it clear that he has not made amends with Masvidal (h/t Bloody Elbow).

“What’s my message to Jorge ‘Journeyman’ Jorge Masvidal a.k.a. ‘Street Judas,’ the guy who tried to stab me in the back for money and business?” Covington said in a recent interview with Submission Radio. “You got your ass-whooping waiting, buddy. You got your 10 seconds of fame. They’re up. You hit lightning in a bottle. But let’s look at your record, buddy. You got double-digit losses on your record. You’re a 50/50 average mediocre fighter. Stop acting like you’re so great, you ain’t great. You know what happened when we used to train for the last eight, nine years. There’s never been one second where you have ever beat me.”

Covington’s comments came before news broke of a gag order put in place at ATT. The gym’s owner, Dan Lambert, said he has implemented a rule that prevents ATT teammates from bashing one another. Whether or not the rule will be effective remains to be seen.

Covington recently patched things up with Dustin Poirier. “Chaos” said he went back on his word with “The Diamond” and apologized for it. Covington still has beef with Masvidal, obviously, but also Joanna Jedrzejczyk. The former strawweight champion claimed Covington was “humbled” by Kamaru Usman in their Dec. 2019 clash. Covington fired back, poking fun at Jedrzecjzyk’s hematoma suffered in her split decision loss to Weili Zhang.