Friday, November 26, 2021

Conor McGregor ‘Fully’ Expects To Box Again

Conor McGregor is 0-1 as a professional boxer but he fully expects to box again.

Back in the summer of 2017, McGregor boxed Floyd Mayweather in a legendary fight. It had the world watching where in the end, it was Mayweather who won by TKO.

Since the loss, the Irishman has been clamoring for a rematch. But, he has also talked about a Manny Pacquiao fight. So, McGregor makes it clear he will box again.

“What the fans, and frankly the fighters, don’t want is a dull fight or a dull lead up to a fight,” McGregor said to Bleacher Report. “I enjoy every aspect, and the fans deserve to see and hear the real me. I am very passionate and eager to please the fans and win for them and my family. I am willing to fight anyone and have proved that time and time again. I look for a good scrap, and if it isn’t going to be that, I have no interest.

” … The money is not why I do this. I am a very rich man, and my children and those that come after them will be just fine,” McGregor added. “I love the fight game. I learned many things boxing in Crumlin where I grew up, and my deep love is why I do this today. I will be in the Octagon again soon and fully expect to box again. You will need to stay tuned, but trust me—the fans will enjoy. Giving them what they want and entertaining them is important to me.”

When and who he will box is unknown at this time. But, there is no doubt a Pacquiao fight or Mayweather rematch would do big business.

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