Sunday, November 28, 2021

Daniel Cormier Expects UFC To Bounce Back Strong From Coronavirus Pandemic

Former UFC “champ-champ” Daniel Cormier feels the UFC will come out guns blazing once COVID-19 cases slow down.

UFC president Dana White wanted all planned events to take place on their initial dates but that proved to be too great of a task. Due to commission rulings, executive orders, and CDC guidelines, UFC London, UFC Columbus, and UFC Portland were postponed. UFC 249 remains intact and White claims a location has been locked up.

Cormier Predicts Strong Bounce Back From UFC After Coronavirus Recovery

While coronavirus cases continue to increase in the United States, Cormier is optimistic that the UFC will hold strong once the smoke clears. Appearing on Michael Bisping’s Believe You Me podcast, Cormier said he expects the UFC to pull out all the stops (h/t

“But you know what you can look forward to as an athlete is knowing that when the UFC returns, you’re going to be a part of some massive fight cards. Because all these fights have to happen, and as long as the UFC is on pause, the UFC is not making any money. So when the UFC comes back, they have to make all that money that’s supposed to be made over the course of the year, so they’re going to put on massive fight cards every single week until the end of the year and I cannot wait to be a part of it.

“Superfight after superfight after superfight, super fight card after super fight card, super card, super card. It’s gonna be like the UFC back in the day when there was one every couple of months and you got massive cards every time.”

UFC boss Dana White has taken some heat for how he’s handled things amid the pandemic. He’s also received praise from those who wish to keep fighting and some fans who feel the show must go on.

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