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Former UFC Champion Max Holloway Weighs In On MMA Scoring System

Max Holloway has given his take on the scoring system in MMA.

Holloway lost his UFC featherweight championship back in Dec. 2019. He dropped a unanimous decision to Alexander Volkanovski. While most media members and fans felt the decision was correct, Holloway was left confused. “Blessed” has expressed his belief that he didn’t feel much different inside the Octagon from his other successful title defenses.

Max Holloway Dissects Scoring System In MMA

Holloway sent ESPN a statement that covers his thoughts on the current scoring criteria in MMA.

“I’ve been in the UFC for eight years,” Holloway said in the statement. “I’ve won five title fights in the UFC, and I’ve never met a fighter or even a judge who thinks the scoring system in MMA is perfect. So what are we going to do? We at that point. If all of us agree it’s not perfect, what we going to do? What are we doing? What are we doing now? Are we just gonna keep tweeting? What are we doing? Why are we still talking if we all agree? The first step is to test ideas. And that’s what I’m here for.”

Holloway had an in-depth talk on the matter with UFC color commentator Joe Rogan after his loss to Volkanovski. Holloway pointed out that he didn’t take much damage against “The Great.” No one can mistake Holloway for being a sore loser, however. “Blessed” praised Volkanovski for conducting himself like a champion before winning the gold.

While not confirmed, many are expecting Volkanovski vs. Holloway 2 to headline UFC 251 in Perth, Australia. UFC president Dana White has said that the plan is indeed to book the immediate rematch. We’ll keep you posted if/when the bout is made official.

Do you believe there are any tweaks that can be made to the scoring system in MMA to satisfy most?

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