Henry Cejudo Claims He Saved ’57 Freakin Jobs’ With His Schtick

Henry Cejudo makes it clear if he never opened his mouth and became ‘Triple C’ the flyweight division would still not be around.

Before Cejudo defeated Demetrious Johnson at UFC 227 the talk of the division closing was going on. Then, following his win, and his quick knockout win over T.J. Dillashaw to defend his flyweight belt, he saved the division.

Despite many not liking his shtick, Cejudo wants everyone to know he was the one who saved the division.

“If I literally wasn’t to open my mouth…the flyweight division would have been gone,” Cejudo said at the recent Dominance MMA media day (via MMA Junkie). “I took it upon myself to become the ‘Triple C’ and to make it happen. Listen to Chael Sonnen, call him ‘Triple Cringe,’ ‘Triple C,’ the dude save 57 freakin jobs.

“So there is a business sense to it, I think fighters we tend to forget that a little bit. I’m not hurting nobody, I’m not committing crimes. They asked Demetrious Johnson not too long ago, what do you think of Henry Cejudo, what do you think of all the cringe, ‘dude I love it.’ This isn’t hurting anybody. I mean this is the dude I defeated, this is the dude I beat so part of the game is being an entertainer as well and I happen to save a division on top of that so I’m happy with that.”

Henry Cejudo has since vacated the belt and will defend his bantamweight title against Jose Aldo at UFC 250.

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