Henry Cejudo Says He’s Out To ‘Snatch Everybody’s Legacies’

Henry Cejudo wanted to fight Jose Aldo for a simple reason. He wants to take everyone’s legacies from them.

In the main event of UFC 250, Cejudo is set for his first bantamweight title defense when he battles Jose Aldo, despite the Brazilian being 0-1 at 135 and on a two-fight losing streak.

Yet, for Cejudo, he says it was the right fight to make.

“It was the right fight to make because he’s a legend,” Cejudo told MMA Junkie. “The only people that Jose ‘Baldo’ has ever lost to has been nothing but the best. I mean, Jose Aldo – you’ve never heard him losing to either a former champion, a champion, or somebody along those lines.

“Whether you guys want to watch or not – which I know they’re all gonna watch – ‘Triple C’ is going to be serving ‘G.O.A.T.’ on May 9. So I hope all you Brazilians – hope you guys didn’t eat too much for Carnival, because I’m going to be serving ‘G.O.A.T.”

Not only does he want to beat Aldo, but Henry Cejudo says he wants to fight anybody from 99 pounds to 149 pounds to snatch their legacies. He’s already called out featherweight champ, Alexander Volkanovski for after this fight.

“My whole thing is, I’d like to add Demetrious Johnson, the greatest flyweight of all time; T.J. Dillashaw the greatest bantamweight of all time; and Jose Aldo, the greatest featherweight of all time,” Cejudo said. “I’m snatching everybody’s legacies.

“Flyweight, bantamweight – I’m taking everybody from 99 pounds to 149 pounds so they can all get it. It’s the ‘Triple C’ weight division.”

There is no question, Henry Cejudo is only interested in big money fights and cementing his legacy.