James Gallagher Says Jealousy and Threat is Where The Hate Comes From (Interview)

James Gallagher was popular in New York City on Monday when he was at Bellator‘s Spring/Summer 2020 showcase. The 22-year-old was there to promote his May 16 match with Cal Ellenor when fighters from the Pitbull brothers camp seemed to start a feud with him and the members of team SBG that were present. 

“I speak facts. People say I’m fake, but you know what it is? People don’t like real talk, and they get jealous over it because they don’t got the balls to say what’s what. But I do.” 

James Gallagher

If you ask Gallagher, he always seems to get attacked when he’s minding his own business. When speaking with MMANews, he said that it is because it is a combination of jealousy and being threatened. “ I sat there, didn’t open my mouth,” Gallagher said. He added, “They all just started on me because they feel a threat. People get intimidated when they feel a threat.” 


When asked specifically if he thought the other fighters that have gone after him in the past do it in an attempt to market themselves off a potential rivalry with him, Gallagher said, “It’s all jealousy and threat. It has nothing to do with them trying to market themselves because they’re all stupid. They don’t know how to do that correctly, they can’t even be on that wavelength.”

Gallagher made a point, because at the start of the press conference he was not saying much until addressed by the media, then others started in on him. Not long after, he did go after Ellonor when speaking with MMA Junkie but that is his scheduled opponent. The two definitely have history since the match had been pushed back and Gallagher withdrew due to injury last February. 

Do you agree with Gallagher’s take on his detractors? 

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