Korean Zombie Plans To KO Brian Ortega For Slapping His Friend At UFC 248

Korean Zombie wants to fight Brian Ortega for slapping his friend at UFC 248.

Zombie and Ortega had been taking shots at one another on social media. And, on Saturday at UFC 248, the two were sat near one another but nothing happened. So, Chan Sung Jung went to the bathroom and apparently, Ortega took that time to slap Jay Park, who was there with Zombie.

That incident did not take sit well with Zombie who took to Instagram to unload on Ortega.


“Last night, you sat 10 meters away from me and Jay Park. For two hours nothing happened, so I thought everything was fine,” Korean Zombie wrote. “But you f*****g attacked Jay Park while I went to the bathroom. Jay Park is not a professional fighter but a musician. You slapped a civilian who merely helped translate. Even worse, you were sitting there waiting until I would be absent and attacked Jay Park. It was not a fight like real men would do. What you have done is same as a grown up to beat a child. You should have attacked me.

“If so, I would have not been upset. You are such a coward for slapping a musician not a fighter. If you f*****g planned this to fight me and to use my name because people don’t remember your name anymore, then I congratulate you, it worked,” he continued. “I will fight you and I will knock you out and your f*****g face will be bloody. Now, your f*****g face stays in my mind and I will f**k you up in the cage. I hope you won’t run away from me again.”

Zombie and Ortega were supposed to fight at UFC Busan but Ortega had to pull out with an injury. It seems likely the two will be re-booked soon as the rivalry is there for them to headline a Fight Night card.