Pedro Carvalho Sees Good Luck at Friday the 13th Bellator 241 (Interview)

For Pedro Carvalho, Friday the 13th doesn’t symbolize anything remotely bad like it does for a lot of people. While that day and number comes with it’s own superstition, there are those that believe the number 13 is lucky. Carvalho is one of those people. 

At least, that’s what he told MMANews earlier in the week leading up to Bellator 241. “Hey, a lot of people say it’s a lucky day, others think it’s bad luck, Friday night will be both,” Carvalho said,”Lucky for me, bad luck for Patricio [Freire].” 

The SBG trained Carvalho had a lot of his teammates present to announce fights of their own, and help support one another along with John Kavanagh and James Gallagher, who has his own fight May 16. 

However, his opponent and his team were present as well and the rivalry between the two gyms made for some tense moments during Bellator’s Spring/Summer showcase. Still, Carvalho said he is not worried. 

“People act a lot in front of the camera,”Carvalho said and that, “backstage it wasn’t like this, they couldn’t even look at our eyes.”  None of that matters for Carvalho, he called his fight at Bellator 241 one of the most important fights of his career. Having his team there with him Friday only helps him stay positive leading up to fight night. 

“The best part is not even the belt. The best part will be looking at everyone’s shocked faces.” 

Pedro Carvalho

Carvalho knows he has his doubters and he looks forward to silencing them. “This fight only has one outcome,”Carvalho said when looking to Friday, “and that’s me, with my hand raised.”

Is Friday the 13th going to be good, or bad for Carvalho?