UFC Fighter Says Joshua Fabia Is Manipulating Diego Sanchez

One UFC welterweight isn’t pleased with Joshua Fabia’s presence in the MMA community.

Fabia has had a slew of detractors since he took over the coaching reins for Diego Sanchez. Many including UFC color commentator Joe Rogan and former UFC “champ-champ” Daniel Cormier have criticized Fabia’s corner advice. Both Fabia and Sanchez believe that it’s all part of a “smear campaign.”

James Krause Dislikes Joshua Fabia

MMAJunkie.com‘s Nolan King was able to catch up with Krause. The UFC welterweight, who last competed on one day’s notice at middleweight, admitted he isn’t a fan of Fabia.

“There’s a couple of different routes I could go,” Krause told MMA Junkie. “I feel like the two routes are like fighting some legends of this sport. A couple of names come to mind like Diego Sanchez, Carlos Condit. I have a thing for Diego for some reason. I can’t stand his coach (Joshua Fabia). I feel like they’re selling wolf tickets to the sport of MMA, to the fans of MMA.

“Just some of that stuff, that guy says is ridiculous to me. I just can’t seem to get behind it, and I think he’s got Diego manipulated, and I think – I’m not a fan of the man. You have to put some real work into this sport to become a coach of a high-level athlete, and I feel like this guy has short-cut that and hasn’t done those things.”

Krause is coming off a close split decision loss to Trevin Giles. He was riding a six-fight winning streak. An argument could’ve been made that the fight was a draw or even that Krause got the upper hand. His stock certainly didn’t drop, however, because as mentioned, he took the fight on one day’s notice.

As for Sanchez, he’s coming off a disqualification win over Michel Pereira. While Pereira was clearly winning the fight and just needed to ride out the final round, he hit Sanchez with an illegal knee. “The Nightmare” chose to take the DQ win.

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