UFC Flyweight Accused Of Stealing Donated Medical Supplies

UFC women’s flyweight Ashlee Evans-Smith and her boyfriend are accused of stealing donated medical supplies.

Selina Cohen was contacted by Evans-Smith about picking up a dresser she was giving away for free. Cohen said that Evans-Smith was to just pick up a dresser and nothing else. Cohen left a basket of donated medical supplies outside her front door that was to be picked up by a friend, who is a nurse. Cohen accuses Evans-Smith and her boyfriend of stealing the supplies when they were only to pick up the dresser.

Evans-Smith & Boyfriend Accused Of Stealing Donated Medical Supplies

Cohen took to her Facebook page to explain her recollection of what transpired.


“Also today I was [contacted] by @ashleemma Ashlee Evans-Smith who is a fighter with the @ufc in regards to picking up a dresser I was giving away for free. Ashlee and her bf showed up and loaded the dresser into her car. After the dresser was loaded, [Ashlee’s] BF was seen walking back to my front door, and taking the basket of medical supplies back to the car with him while Ashlee watches and waits. Then they drive off. I’m thinking this must be a mistake, who takes a basket full medical items that everyone [knows] are in short supply right now, from someone else’s home? I tried messaging her immediately telling her these are donations and no response. Several texts and social media messages later with phone calls begging her to just return the items not only is there no response, but she begins to block me.”

Evans-Smith responded in two now-deleted Instagram stories. She posted a screenshot of a text message revealing that her boyfriend blasted Cohen (via MMAMania.com).

Cohen later posted an update, claiming she had to get the Riverside Country Sheriff involved to retrieve the supplies. She also claims that Evans-Smith and her boyfriend still kept some of the items.


“Seriously so disgusted with Ashlee Evans-Smith and Mike Wilson JR. They seriously had the nerve to keep items from the basket that Riverside County Sheriff had to retrieve??? I was on bed rest all yesterday and unable to verify the contents until today. When is enough enough!?! You stole the items to begin with, then dragged my name through mud after calling me a stupid b*tch, stupid over and over, crazy lady, and cussed me out. I had to get Sheriffs involved to get you to cooperate!!! AND YOU STILL STOLE MEDICAL SUPPLIES!!! WTF is wrong with you people! Now I’m furious and you deserve to pay! Please share my post like wildfire and may them regret being selfish assholes who would steal medical items when DOCTORS and NURSES desperately need it!!!”

Evans-Smith was scheduled to compete on the UFC London card on March 21. The UFC initially had plans to move the event to the United States amid the coronavirus pandemic. With new CDC guidelines in place, the UFC was forced to postpone the card. Evans-Smith would’ve fought Molly McCann.