Saturday, December 4, 2021

Valentina Shevchenko Says Jon Jones Will Come Back Stronger Following DWI Arrest

From one UFC champion to another, Valentina Shevchenko has words of encouragement for Jon Jones.

Much has already been made about the recent arrest of Jones. Police in Albuquerque, New Mexico responded to a criminal complaint of gunshots on March 26 after 1 a.m. The cops say they found Jones in his car with the engine on and suspected intoxication. After a sobriety test and a Breathalyzer, police determined that Jones was breaking the law and sent him to Bernalillo County jail.

Valentina Shevchenko Shows Support For Jon Jones

Shevchenko took to her Twitter account to scold those who are kicking Jones when he is down.

“So sad the modern world is all about hype! Now many people starting to insult Jon Jones without knowing his real situation! Fighting on the same card , I could see he is kind and noble man ! Him being in all that difficult times – he will be back Stronger !”

After police had Jones in handcuffs, a handgun was found under the driver seat. In addition, police say they found an open bottle of Recuerdo behind the passenger seat. The UFC light heavyweight champion is being charged with aggravated DWI, negligent use of a firearm, and possession of an open container.

Jones was released shortly after being booked as indicated by Bernalillo County jail records. TMZ Sports reports that “Bones” has a bond arraignment court date set for April 9. In a statement from the UFC sent to ESPN’s Brett Okamoto, it was revealed that the promotion is in contact with Jones’ team and is looking into the situation.

Police released bodycam footage of Jones’ DWI arrest. In the video, you can see an emotional Jones admit he “got stir crazy.” Stick with MMA News for the latest updates on Jon Jones’ legal battle as well as how the UFC ultimately handles the situation.

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