Saturday, December 4, 2021

Anthony Smith Blasts Jon Jones Over Home Invasion Comments

Anthony Smith is none too pleased with Jon Jones‘ latest comments.

Smith had a scary encounter with a home intruder in the Omaha area. “Lionheart” said that the man put up a tougher fight than anyone would assume. Smith said he was landing a series of strikes on the intruder but he still put up a fight before police arrived. It was then reported that the intruder was a standout high school wrestler in Nebraska.

Anthony Smith Rips Jon Jones Over House Invasion Comments

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones commented on Smith’s ordeal, which didn’t go over so well with “Lionheart.”

“Glad Anthony is OK, no way dude would have left my house walking.”

Appearing on SiriusXM’s MMA Tonight show, Smith made it clear that he didn’t take too kindly to the tweet (h/t

“Jon did kind of reach out and Tweeted about my whole situation,” Smith began. “It said something like ‘glad Anthony is ok, that guy wouldn’t have walked out of my house.’ So it’s like, what a perfect moment to flex, Jon. In the middle of a disaster like that in my home. What a perfect opportunity to flex how goddamn cool you are. Just when you thought ‘that’s pretty admirable of Jon Jones to reach out well-wish me,’ then as you continue reading you’re like ‘oh that’s right, I forgot you’re still a f**king douchebag.’

“It’s just his opportunity to insert himself and make sure everyone knows how cool and bad ass he is,” Smith continued. “You know, for a second, I thought I was going to have to respond and say ‘hey thanks man, I appreciate it,’ and then you continue reading and you’re like ‘just for a second I thought you were human and you have a soul, and then I realize you’re the same piece of s**t that you’ve always been.’”

Smith and Jones did battle back March 2019 in the main event of UFC 235. Smith fell short in his bid for a run with the UFC light heavyweight gold. Jones earned the unanimous decision victory.

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