Thursday, December 2, 2021

Chuck Liddell Feels He Would’ve Been Tough Matchup For Jon Jones In His Prime

Chuck Liddell wishes he could rewind time and bring Jon Jones with him.

There was a time when “The Iceman” ruled the roost in the UFC‘s light heavyweight division. At his peak, Liddell was known for knocking out his opponents while moving backward. His exciting fighting style is still recognized to this day. Fast forward to 2020 and it is Jones who has been the 205-pound ruler.

Prime Iceman vs. Jon Jones? Liddell Feels He Would’ve Won

When asked on Twitter which fantasy matchup Liddell wishes he was a part of, the former light heavyweight king said he would’ve liked to have shared the Octagon with “Bones.”

“jon jones because I think I would have matched up well with him style wise. I would have given him trouble because it would have been very hard to take me down and I would have been landing some insane power punches during my prime. I also have a longer reach than my stats detail.”

In addition to being a former UFC light heavyweight champion, Liddell is also a UFC Hall of Famer. His career didn’t end under ideal circumstances. He suffered three straight losses, all by knockout or TKO before making his first retirement. Then in Dec. 2018, he made his return to MMA for a third bout with Tito Ortiz under Golden Boy Promotions. Liddell was knocked out in the first round.

Jones has been ruling the roost of the light heavyweight division for years. There was a period where Jones was stripped of the gold due to legal issues. He also had drug test failures that further kept him away from staying at the top of the mountain but it didn’t last. Simply put, Jones has been the gold standard at light heavyweight.

Do you think Jon Jones handles a prime Chuck Liddell with ease, or would he have struggled?

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