Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Colby Covington Hopes ‘Piece Of Sh*t’ Jon Jones Goes To Jail

Colby Covington wants Jon Jones in jail.

Jones recently reached a plea deal in a DWI case. On March 26, the UFC light heavyweight champion was arrested in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Police were responding to a criminal complaint of gunfire when Jones was found in his car with the engine on. The cops on duty claimed that “Bones” performed poorly on a sobriety test and his breathalyzer revealed he was twice over the legal limit for alcohol consumption.

Covington Bashes Jones Again, Wants Him In Jail

Initially, Jones was being charged with aggravated DWI, negligent use of a firearm, possession of an open container, and driving without proof of insurance. The light heavyweight king ended up just being charged with DWI and can avoid jail time as long as he satisfies his plea deal.

Speaking to MMAFighting on the What The Heck show, Covington made it clear that he believes “Bones” should receive a harsher punishment for another run-in with the law.

“You would think that we’ve never seen anything like this before,” Covington said. “We’re going through this pandemic, this unprecedented time, the coronavirus, people are stuck in their houses and you would just think that everything is just—It’s the craziest time ever in life. But then Jon Jones gets caught by the Albuquerque police again. For what, the seventh or eighth time? Everything is normal in the world, people, I promise you.

“Jon Jones is still getting caught, he’s still a dirtbag, he’s still cheating on his wife and doing drugs and doing steroids, and we can almost go back to normal soon. So hang in there people, you’re gonna be out of your houses soon, the world is coming back to normal. Jon Jones is still getting caught, and he’s still a piece of s*it, and hopefully he goes to jail soon.”

Under the terms of his plea deal, Jones had to be under house arrest for four days. He must also complete 48 hours of community service as well as enter a 90-day drug treatment program. In addition, Jones will be under probation for one year and he must pay a $500 fine.

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