Daniel Cormier Feels Rivalry With Jon Jones Will ‘Stand The Test Of Time’

Daniel Cormier believes the bitterness of his feud with Jon Jones won’t soon be forgotten.

The rivalry between Cormier and Jones is well-documented. The two have expressed disdain for one another over the years. While things have cooled down since both men are now on different paths, few can forget how ugly and personal things became.

Cormier Discusses Rivalries Including One With Jones

Appearing on MMAJunkie Radio, Cormier said that he thinks his rivalry with Jones will always have its place in the history books.

“The reality is, for everything else that Jon and I were, I think that’s going to be the one that stands the test of time because it was so bitter,” Cormier said. “But on the competitive side, I think Miocic will be that guy that, when we walk away from this game, you go, ‘Wow, DC had two really big series of fights,’ and I think three, honestly, because Anthony Johnson falls in line with that, too.

“I’m just one of those guys who was lucky enough to fight big fights, fight big fights oftenand have guys that were good enough to, win or lose, get right back to those big, big fights. The great thing about those rivalries – between the three guys, seven fights – is that every one of them was for a UFC championship. That, to me, is a bigger deal than even having those rivalries.”

Cormier had been longing for a third bout with Jones as the score is 1-0, 1 NC between the two. Jones initially scored a finish over Cormier in their rematch but the result was overturned after “Bones” popped for turinabol. It appears a third bout wasn’t meant to be, however, as Cormier is a heavyweight who is nearing retirement.

While not official, many have come to expect Cormier to have a trilogy bout with Stipe Miocic for the UFC heavyweight title. The score is 1-1 between the two. Cormier holds a knockout win over Miocic, while Miocic nabbed the TKO victory in their rematch.

Miocic has said that there were talks of having the trilogy bout this summer. The UFC has postponed future events indefinitely amid the coronavirus pandemic. Time will tell when things will return to normal for the promotion.