Darren Till Doesn’t See UFC Holding Events For Next Three Months

Darren Till isn’t convinced that the UFC will be able to hold an event for quite a bit.

The coronavirus pandemic has made its presence felt globally and the sports world has been rocked. Major sports organizations have suspended operations indefinitely. UFC president Dana White did all he could to keep things moving forward but he ultimately postponed future events until ESPN gives him the signal to continue.

Darren Till Thinks UFC Holds Off On Events For Next Three Months

Speaking to Fight Disciples, Till expressed his belief that the UFC will not proceed with events for the next three months (h/t MMAJunkie.com).


“Do I think I’ll fight?” Till said. “I mean, yeah if they call it up and say, ‘Let’s do it. We’ve got the island open. We’ve agreed to it now. You’re going to be the fourth event against Whittaker.’ Yeah, I’ll fight. I can’t see any fights happening in the next three months. I don’t think we’ve even hit a proper lockdown yet. … Another few weeks and it’ll be one of them (orders) where you won’t be allowed to leave the house unless it’s essential.”

White has said that despite UFC events being put on hold, he is still securing a private island. The UFC boss said he will continue to ensure that everything is prepped for when ESPN gives him the green light.

UFC 249 was scheduled for April 18. White went through the trouble to try to avoid the California State Athletic Commission as well as a stay-at-home order by holding the event on tribal land. The state of California reportedly played a huge role in the event’s postponement.

Depending on who you ask, White’s efforts were either commendable or selfish. Regardless, the UFC has fallen in line with the likes of the NBA and MLB for the time being. White is adamant that the UFC will be the first major sports organization to return.