Darren Till Feels UFC & Reebok Should Pay Fighters More

Darren Till is all for seeing fighters get paid more by the UFC and Reebok.

Much has been made since the UFC signed a deal with Reebok, implementing its guidelines compliance system. Before the deal, fighters got to choose their own sponsors to represent on their banners and fight trunks. Many have criticized the Reebok deal due to its pay scale.

Darren Till Says UFC Fighters Should Be Paid More

During a Q&A session on social media, Till gave his take on the pay fighters get from the UFC and Reebok (h/t MMAFighting.com).

“If I’m earning however much for a fight, that has to last until the next fight. Then, I don’t know if I’m going to get injured…that has to last. I’m a guy who likes to spend money: I like to eat food, a lot food, I like to buy watches, I like a nice car, clothes – I’ve earned that right, I’ve put my body through a lot. This is a new set of teeth for a reason – I had teeth but they got knocked out. I’m deaf in [one] ear, I’ve got bad knees, I won’t be able to walk properly in a few years, [my] hand is permanently destroyed. I’ve earned that right,” he said.

“I do believe that Reebok should pay more and the UFC should pay a little more, but that’s not a thing I like to talk big on, openly. I’d rather have that conversation with Dana man to man, but that’s where I am with that.”

Bellator president Scott Coker has said that he senses UFC’s Reebok system has done good business for his own promotion. That’s because Bellator allows fighters to have their own sponsors and Coker believes it’s one of the key reasons why some marketable fighters who were in the UFC such as Cris Cyborg have made the jump.

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