Eddie Hearn Wants to Launch Matchroom MMA

Eddie Hearn really seems interested in jumping into mixed martial arts promotion (MMA). In a recent Instagram post he brought up promoting MMA again and he seems to feel Logan Paul can help him do it. Paul has teased jumping into MMA before and even trained with UFC middleweight contender Paulo Costa.

Over the weekend, Hearn went live on Instagram with Paul and said he was very interested in MMA and believes Paul can help. Hearn knows Paul has a wrestling background and thinks since he has promoted boxing with him, he can help him launch “Matchroom MMA”. “I would actually like to venture into MMA myself,” Hearn said to Paul and suggested, “Let’s launch Matchroom MMA.”

Paul seemed to agree, telling Hearn, “ I need to do one MMA fight before I die.” They toyed with the idea of calling it “Matchroom MMA” or “Matchroom Paul” but either way Hearn has been interested in MMA for a while now. While he has commended Dana White and the UFC in the past on how he does business, he seems aware that it is a model that does not work in boxing.

Hearn also knows he would be competing with the UFC if he did try to move into MMA and seems comfortable with that. DAZN features both Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing and Bellator MMA so the path to MMA seems like it could be viable for Hearn should he decide to make the move when sports can resume. When he mentioned going against the UFC he said, “I don’t want to go in and be number two.” However, he also acknowledged that “being number one in that space is very, very difficult.”

Matchroom MMA does have a nice ring to it though. Do you think fans can expect to see Matchroom MMA in 2020?

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