Jon Anik Weighs In On Jon Jones’ DWI Incident

UFC play-by-play ace Jon Anik has given his take on Jon Jones‘ latest run-in with the law.

Jones was arrested on March 26 after police in Albuquerque responded to a criminal complaint of gunshots. Jones was in handcuffs after poor results on a sobriety test and a breathalyzer revealed he was two times over the limit for alcohol consumption. Police also found a handgun under the driver seat and an open bottle of Recuerdo behind the passenger seat.

Anik Speaks On Jones’ Legal Trouble

Speaking to, Anik said that Jones seemingly was getting back on track before this latest incident.

“It’s just sad – it’s sad, right?” Anik said. “It’s embarrassing for his daughters I think mostly, they’re not getting any younger, and as they get older and as he looks like he’s turning over a new leaf or starting to turn the page and become an active champion for the UFC as he was doing late-2018 into 2019, it looked like maybe he was gonna be able to toe that straight-and-narrow, and obviously that was not the case. I think, for me, sad was just the emotion because I really do like the guy.”

Jones was initially being charged with aggravated DWI, negligent use of a firearm, possession of an open container, and driving without proof of insurance. “Bones” was able to reach a plea deal and as a result, only the DWI charge stands.

The UFC light heavyweight champion must be under four days’ house arrest and will be under probation for one year. He must also complete 48 hours of community service and enter a 90-day drug treatment program. In addition, Jones also has to install an ignition interlock device in his car and pay a $500 fine.

Do you think Jon Jones can turn things around with his personal life?

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