Khabib Feels UFC’s Handling Of April 18 Event Is ‘Not Professional’

Khabib Nurmagomedov doesn’t like how the UFC is approaching its planned April 18 event.

UFC 249 is just two weeks away and a location still hasn’t been decided on. UFC president Dana White once claimed to have a location locked up but that changed to having four or five potential spots. Still, nothing has been made official and the UFC 249 main event will have to be changed as Nurmagomedov is stuck in Russia due to a travel ban.

Khabib Criticizes UFC For Handling Of April 18 Event

With the COVID-19 crisis impacting the world of sports, many have criticized the UFC for trying to push through with UFC 249. Speaking to ESPN, Nurmagomedov said he doesn’t know how the promotion expected him to be fine with not knowing a location for his bout so close to the event (via

“Is April 18 possibility?” Nurmagomedov said. “Every day I train. Every day, morning and night. I have a gym in my house. But right now, I am one of the biggest stars in the UFC. I am the undefeated, undisputed UFC champion. This is a not a regular fight. How is it 16 days before the fight and I don’t know the location? What is this? This is not professional.

“I have to fly, I have to [get over] jet lag, I have to [adjust to a] different climate. I have to cut weight, I have to focus, I have to finish my training camp. Too much stuff.”

Nurmagomedov said he was initially told his fight with Tony Ferguson had a “99 percent” chance of taking place in Abu Dhabi. “The Eagle” decided to fly out to Dubai to properly train. Once it became clear that the fight would not happen in Abu Dhabi, Nurmagomedov flew out to Russia. “The Eagle” said there was no point in flying to the United States if the fight wasn’t going to happen there.

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