Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Luke Rockhold Open To Squashing Beef With Michael Bisping

Luke Rockhold is aware of Michael Bisping’s softened stance towards him these days and is willing to bury the hatchet.

Rockhold and Bisping were bitter rivals inside the Octagon. The score ended at 1-1 between the two of them with the big one being Bisping’s UFC middleweight title win back in 2016. Even after their last fight, the two still traded barbs. As intense as the feud was, it appears things have been dialed back significantly.

Rockhold Says He’s Down To Ditch Beef With Bisping

Rockhold appeared on Submission Radio and responded to Bisping saying it’s pretty much water under the bridge when it comes to their issues (h/t

“Sometimes you gotta let things go, and I can’t say I would be opposed,” Rockhold said. “The past is the past and the story has been told and it’s time to move forward.

“You gotta let it go. You gotta let it go, you gotta move on. Life is life and the story was told, and then there’s more to tell. Cheers. Cheers to that.”

Rockhold’s fighting future is uncertain. Following a knockout loss to Jan Blachowicz back in July 2019, Rockhold said he’d be exploring other options outside of fighting. He didn’t slam the door on a return to the Octagon and admitted that he has the itch to compete again.

That may not exactly be what UFC president Dana White wants to hear. After Rockhold’s last defeat, the UFC boss expressed his belief that the former UFC middleweight champion should retire. White pointed to Rockhold’s slide and his successful career as a model as reasons why he should hang up the gloves.

In his last four outings, Rockhold has gone 1-3. His last victory was back in Sept. 2017 against David Branch, who is longer with the UFC. Bisping retired just three fights after beating Rockhold.

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