Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Mark Hunt Claims UFC Doesn’t ‘Give A Sh*t’ If Fighters Die

Mark Hunt’s feud with the UFC is far from over.

The former UFC heavyweight has taken the promotion to court after they let Brock Lesnar fight him at UFC 200, despite the former champ being on steroids. Since the bout, he’s been in legal battles with the UFC and now claims the Las Vegas-based promotion doesn’t care if fighters die inside the Octagon.

“Look why they’re there,” Hunt said to MMAFighting. “They let juiced-up cheaters fight against guys who don’t cheat, and they don’t give a sh*t if they die or not.

“Look how they treat the fighters. You think the UFC actually cares about the fighters or the people who watch? Look what they did with Jon Jones. They moved his show in one week from Las Vegas to California. They took all the fans that paid to go there to go f*ck themselves on Christmas. And all the fighters who fought on the card lost 10 percent of their purse? You think the UFC cares about people? They don’t give a shit. People need to actually see what they’re really doing.”

He’s also mad at how the UFC and USADA handle failed drug tests. He believes they don’t do an adequate job and he points to Lesnar who he says still has yet to pay his fine.

“I just tried to do my job, and I’m tired of getting screwed by the company,” he said. “People say, ‘Well, maybe you should have won more fights.’ Well, maybe they shouldn’t have allowed these cheaters to get away with it all the time and gotten no punishment. The punishment they’re getting for cheating is nothing. I don’t even think that d*ckhead Lesnar has paid his fine yet.”

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