Paulie Malignaggi Says There Were Talks Of Rematch With Artem Lobov

Former boxing world champ Paulie Malignaggi has confirmed he was in talks for a rematch with Artem Lobov.

Back in June 2019, Lobov and Malignaggi competed under the BKFC banner. The bout was contested under bare-knuckle boxing rules. Lobov earned the unanimous decision victory. While Malignaggi didn’t agree with the decision, he ended up embracing his heated rival Lobov after the bout.

Malignaggi Confirms He Was Approached About Potential Lobov Rematch

During an interview with, Lobov claimed he was approached about a rematch with Malignaggi, this time inside a boxing ring. Speaking to The Schmo and Helen Yee, Malignaggi confirmed that talks were indeed in place but nothing materialized (h/t

“Yeah a boxing promoter reached out to me in December about possibly doing a boxing match with Artem Lobov — a regular boxing match, ” Malignaggi confirmed. “I said ‘yeah, if you know how to do it and you have the money, sure, I’ll hear you out.’

“They were going to do it somewhere pretty cool, it was actually going to be not in the United States, it was going to be all set-up and whatnot,” Malignaggi added. “It all sounded really good, but usually saying it and doing it is different. I can tell you I’m going to the moon tomorrow, but it doesn’t mean I’m actually going to go to the moon. So I said ‘yeah, ok.’ I told them ‘I’m not even going to bring this up to my team. I’m not going to bring this up to my team until I have some structure and an organized offer first.”

Lobov is currently a free agent. He revealed that he was in talks with KSW before the coronavirus pandemic made its presence felt. “The Russian Hammer” would like to sign a deal where he’s still allowed to box.

Would you watch a rematch between Artem Lobov and Paulie Malignaggi inside a boxing ring?

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