Thursday, June 30, 2022

Top Rank Boxing Looking at UFC APEX, WWE Facilities as Training Options

Bob Arum and Top Rank boxing, as well as other combat sports, have to start looking at options when it comes to holding events. With the current restrictions on sports, business is not able to function as usual and that includes training for “fight camps” and the events they are intended for. While Arum has not suggested anything as extreme as an island, he does think using certain facilities can be used to slowly get back to business.

Obviously, no fans can be in attendance but according to ESPN, Arum said, “What we’re doing is looking at facilities, including our gym, where the guys would have to train.” Top Rank has its own gym in Las Vegas so using it for training and hosting small events could work there. However, if there are other options, Arum seems open to using them the WWE’s facility in Florida is an option as well as the UFC APEX, also located in Las Vegas.

Planning to move forward is one thing, but being able to execute them is another. Top Rank president Todd duBoef, said, “We really have to look at what the leadership of those states are going to be doing in terms of opening up and getting back to easing up the ‘stay at home’ orders and then opening up the states for business, in general.”

DuBoef also said that for states that were “hot” as far as COVID-19 it will be a long time before they can even attempt to do anything in them. He added, “But once states that are more amenable to hosting events are identified, we hone in on the leadership and the jurisdiction of them, then we can hone in on facilities, specifically.” Arum also said looking at how the NBA and other big sports handled the future could help them move forward.

Do you think we’ll see boxing on UFC or WWE property?

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