UFC Champion Stipe Miocic Still Has Vision Issues Following Procedure

Stipe Miocic is still having vision problems after undergoing surgery.

Miocic hasn’t competed since Aug. 2019. He defeated Daniel Cormier in their rematch via TKO to regain the UFC heavyweight championship. Miocic was knocked out by Cormier in their first encounter back in July 2018.

Miocic Says He’s Still Experiencing Vision Problems

Miocic had to undergo surgery for a torn retina. While things have gotten better, Miocic told ESPN‘s Ariel Helwani that he’s still having some issues.

“I’m taking my time to get back and see how it works,” Miocic said. “See how the eye feels. [The doctor said] ‘you look good, take your time getting back, don’t be stupid.'”

Miocic went on to note that his current vision problems are “like a fly flying by, it’s weird.”

The heavyweight champion has said that the torn retina was caused by accidental eye pokes from Cormier in both bouts. Before the coronavirus pandemic made its presence felt globally, Miocic planned to take his time before stepping back inside the Octagon. He said that he wanted to shake off any rust before returning. Many expect Miocic to face Cormier a third time.

As for now, Miocic is turning his attention to the coronavirus. Miocic has said that his family, friends, first responders, and people in need are the ones he’s looking after the most. Miocic is a firefighter at the Valley View Fire Department in Cleveland.

Miocic told UFC reporter Megan Olivi that the Cormier trilogy fight was leaning towards the summer. Whether or not that plan is able to stick remains to be seen.

“It’s looking like summer, but with this going on right now, honestly I’m not even worried about that,” Miocic told Olivi.

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