Anthony Smith Calls Jason Herzog’s Apology “Cowardly”

The main event of UFC Jacksonville did not end without controversy when Glover Teixeira defeated Anthony Smith via fifth-round TKO, and days later, the aftermath of the event continues to linger bitterly in the mouth of the Lionheart.

Anthony Smith, by all appearances, was on his way to victory early in his main-event bout against Glover Teixeira last Wednesday, until the Brazilian turned the tables on Smith and administered a savage beating that many in the MMA community considered unjustifiably prolonged.

Bearing the brunt of the blame was Anthony Smith’s corner, who did not throw in the towel as Smith’s odds of winning gradually seemed to wane, and even as he disclosed that his teeth were falling out as a result of Teixeira’s ceaseless punches. The bout would eventually come to an end not a moment too soon in the fifth round, and while Smith’s corner was blamed for the beating enduring for as long as it did, Smith wanted neither blame nor sympathy to be doled out, as he insisted that the fight transpired on his terms.

This did not stop referee Jason Herzog from coming forward and issuing an apology for allowing the fight to continue and vowing to improve as an official. As Anthony Smith was watching UFC on ESPN 8 last night (Saturday, May 16), he posed a sarcastic question to fans, wondering how he should be viewing people getting punched in the face before getting disgusted.

“Trying to watch fights from the eyes of other ppl tonight…one guys (sic) is hitting another guy a bunch. Is this where we start calling for the ref and corners to step in? Also, what point do we get ‘disgusted?'” Smith wrote.

When one fan commented that Jason Herzog’s apology provided all Smith needed to know, Smith had strong words regarding said apology:

“Coward move on his part, in my opinion,” Smith wrote.

Herzog’s apology no doubt came at least to some degree due to the heavy backlash that surrounded the UFC Jacksonville main event, and Anthony Smith’s comment seems to suggest that Herzog crumbled under the pressure to appease the masses.

Do you agree with Anthony Smith? Was Jason Herzog’s apology a “cowardly” move?”

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