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Chael Sonnen Thinks Conor McGregor Can Compete For UFC Welterweight Gold

Chael Sonnen isn’t ruling out Conor McGregor as the number one contender for the UFC welterweight title.

McGregor has his sights set on becoming a two-time UFC lightweight champion. In addition to that, the “Notorious” one has claimed he’ll be gunning for the 170-pound gold as well. McGregor’s last bout was contested at welterweight.

Sonnen Says McGregor Could Be Number One Contender At Welterweight

Speaking to Sky Sports, Sonnen said that McGregor getting a UFC welterweight title opportunity doesn’t seem far fetched (h/t

“I think he’s going to fight at 170 and I think you could have the argument that Conor’s the number one contender at 170,” Chael Sonnen said. “Look, if they do Usman and Masvidal and I hope they do and I hope that all gets worked out and we are just seeing some gamesmanship here. I think that’s really is the right fight to do. I’m not sure you can’t say Conor’s not next in line. There are a number of good arguments, Leon Edwards comes to mind, you’ve always got T-Wood [Tyron Woodley] in there, Colby Covington.

“Conor’s name is just as good as anyone I just threw out. The guy has won three world championships. He diminishes himself saying he’s a champ-champ,” Sonnen continued. “He is a champ-champ-champ, he’s won so many damn world championships he’s forgotten about the interim title. I was there for the night he beat Chad Mendes, I was there when they put that around his waist. He’s got three world championships. Don’t tell me Conor McGregor doesn’t matter, he does.”

McGregor hasn’t been shy in teasing a run at the top of the 170-pound mountain. Ahead of his Nov. 2016 battle with Eddie Alvarez, McGregor intensely stared down Tyron Woodley, who was the welterweight champion at the time. Many believed McGregor was already plotting his next move but nothing came of it.

Is there any chance Conor McGregor fights for UFC welterweight gold in the future?

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