Dan Ige Willing to Give Edson Barboza a Rematch

Dan Ige won a split decision against Edson Barboza at the last UFC event in Jacksonville. While the win was great for his career, the judging left little to be desired by the fighters not winning on the card. No one likes to lose, but it’s harder to accept when the loser feels they did enough to win. 

Barboza falls in the latter category, and he made it known not long after the event. “Hey, everyone knows I won that fight,” Barboza posted on Twitter shortly after the event. “Send me the win bonus and the contract for July,” he added tagging Dana White and Sean Shelby in the post.

Well, it’s been a little over a week since the two fought and Ige addressed Barboza’s concerns to TMZ. “I feel kind of bad for him,” Ige said and that he feels, “He’s kind of doing the wrong thing.” Ige feels the post and other media Barboza did after the official decision is not the way he should have handled it but he also agrees with the decision. “I won rounds two and three,” Ige told TMZ and said he is not opposed to granting Barboza a rematch.

Ige seems willing to do it not out of animosity, but out of respect. “ I just feel kind of bad for him you know,” Ige said of Barboza, “The guy’s a legend, the guy’s been around, he’s been in the top ten top of the world for the past ten years and, you know I understand how bad he wants to win.” Ige also feels since he took the fight on short notice against Barboza he can pull off a more convincing victory. 

“I beat him on two weeks notice,” Ige said and added, “Give me eight weeks and you will see what I can do to him.”

Should they do a rematch?

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