Thursday, June 17, 2021

Dana White Comments On Joe Rogan’s Gripes With UFC 249 Commentary Setup

UFC president Dana White has given his take on Joe Rogan‘s issue with distancing measures.

Rogan served as a color commentator for UFC 249 this past Saturday night (May 9). The UFC initially claimed that post-fight interviews would be conducted at a distance. At the conclusion of UFC 249, Rogan revealed that he wasn’t happy with the initial plan because everyone had already been tested for COVID-19. Post-fight interviews were ultimately held as they always have been.

Dana White Weighs In On Joe Rogan’s Gripes

During the post-fight press conference, White gave his take on the situation (h/t

“Yeah, you know. Obviously, there is this whole social distancing and keeping people away from each other and everything. Everybody here was tested. The people that are still here we know are negative.” White said after being questioned about Rogan’s remarks during the broadcast. “Umm, I don’t know. You know, we’re just trying to… Like I was saying to John (Morgan) earlier, we’re still figuring this thing out. You know, this was the first one. It was a success. Wednesday will be better. Saturday will be better than that. So on and so forth.”

Rogan likely won’t be back in the booth until UFC 250. That card is scheduled to feature a women’s featherweight title bout between champion Amanda Nunes and Felicia Spencer. There’s no word on whether or not that card will be in Florida, or if Las Vegas will reopen for sporting events by June 6. If it’s the latter, then UFC 250 will likely be held inside the UFC APEX.