Monday, September 26, 2022

Jon Jones Suggests Vacating UFC Light Heavyweight Title

Jon Jones has suggested relinquishing his UFC light heavyweight championship.

The relationship between Jones and UFC president Dana White has been rocky for years but it may be at its worst now. Jones and White were at odds back in 2012. Jones was set to meet Dan Henderson in the main event of UFC 151. Henderson was injured and Chael Sonnen offered to step in on short notice. Jones declined the fight given the short notice and White publicly blasted Jones for his decision.

Jon Jones Suggest Vacating UFC Gold

We’re now in 2020 and Jones’ issue with the UFC has to do with pay. White made claims that Jones wanted Deontay Wilder money. Jones called White a liar and the UFC boss fired back by saying UFC EVP and Chief Business Officer Hunter Campbell has text messages from Jones with the demands.

Jones unleashed a series of Twitter posts daring White to release the messages to prove he isn’t lying and he said the UFC boss is trying to make him look bad. White didn’t hold his tongue once again, saying that Jones has done a “very good job” tarnishing himself.

Jones is now suggesting that he vacates the UFC light heavyweight gold.

“ESPN Reyes vs Jan For the UFC light heavyweight championship of the world. As of right now, I got nothing to really gain fighting either of them. Let me know if you guys want to set up a day in 2021 for that Izzy fight. Hopefully you guys will be willing to pay by then.”

“Bones out, when you see me in the streets just call me JJ.”

“To the light heavyweight title Veni, vidi, vici.”

Jones is currently in his second reign as the UFC light heavyweight champion. “Bones” is considered by many to be the pound-for-pound best fighter in MMA. Even White has said that Jones is the GOAT but he still doesn’t believe the light heavyweight king deserves to be paid $30 million. White said those types of numbers come in when you’re a top draw.

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